Warehouse trucks

At Danfoss, we can help you meet the new generation of equipment needs with PLUS+1®   controls, pumps, motors and other components.

Danfoss has numerous solutions for warehouse trucks

Along with the market’s conversion from DC to AC motors, warehouse truck users are looking for equipment that further increases the efficiency and productivity of their operations. Market demand calls for longer battery life, additional performance, enhanced capabilities and equipment with lower operating costs.

Danfoss enables OEM manufacturers to purchase an efficient AC control solution. Along with our extensive product portfolio, we are focusing on the future by researching fuel cell technology for greater efficiency and hydraulic/electric hybrid systems to regenerate power. The result will be additional performance gains, longer run time and improved productivity.

In addition to delivering the highest quality, efficiency and reliability, our ability to collaborate with you to create fully customized solutions makes us the number one choice.

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KEP 3 foot pedal

KEP3 Foot Pedal

Smooth operation, precision performance and durability make
the KEP3 model ideal for vehicle applications with a high duty cycle of direction changes.