Transit/truck concrete mixers

For more than 40 years, Danfoss has been designing and building products for transit mixer equipment.

Transit mixer

Due in part to the growing needs in China, Brazil, Russia and India, the demand for transit mixers has increased dramatically in recent years. As your organization strives to capitalize on the demand by manufacturing outstanding equipment, We are ready to assist you with a broad range of reliable components, technologies, consultation and global service.

Through our experience, we’ve perfected our systems, expanded our product line and built a reputation for being the best single source for component and system needs. For instance, we are the only supplier that can provide complete transit mixer systems consisting of a mechanical gear box, hydrostatic drive and electronics – each tailored to your specific application.

By teaming up with us to build your transit mixers, you’ll receive the most rugged and dependable equipment, proven market expertise and superior support with our global presence and after-market organization. There’s a good reason why used transit mixers equipped with Danfoss hydraulics maintain high resale value.

Exclusive provider

Danfoss is the only supplier that can provide a complete transit mixer system, including a mechanical gearbox, hydrostatic drive and new generation electronics.